About Us

Let me introduce myself, My name is Chester Simpson and together with my wife, we are the proud owners of Blazing Handyman Services !
A little background info about me , I started at the very young age of 12 in Miami, where i was born and raised,  doing concrete work. And then i progressed into carpentry learning and how to set trusses, studs and also interpreting prints and blueprints.
From here on i expanded my skills and knowledge into the roofing and plumbing fields, where i slowly but surely developed the skills needed to venture into starting Blazing Handyman Services!!! The last 8 years leading up to the start of Blazing Handyman Services i spent most my time in the electrical trade, i started with the  residential side and progressed  to commercial and eventually the industrial side.
My main reason and most important one why I started my Blazing Handyman is so  that way I can stay local and  take care of my family which consists of my beautilfull wife and our five gems of kids.